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05 Preresiquites for setting up any other (non-polycom) phone
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With manual provisioning, you can get just about any SIP phone to work
with your RingPlan service. You do need information about your extension
and RingPlan server in order to successfully provision it. Fortunately,
we have made it easy for you to find that information.

Log into the portal. On the left navigation bar, expand the PBX menu and choose Extensions.

Identify the extension to provision. Please note the extension type:

  • IP Phone = Polycom Phone Only
  • Softphone = Any other physical or soft phone (Including Yealink, Panasonic, etc)
If you need to change the extension type, hover over the extension and press the edit pencil.


Change it as needed. Press Save.
the Extension Type is correct, go back to the Extension list screen.
Hover over the extension in the list and click on the 3 vertical dots. Then click on the bottom option - Show QR Code.


QR Code Screen:

Take note of the advanced configs.  These credentials are needed when provisioning any phone (other than Polycom) with RingPlan.

The QR code show above can be used with the Grandstream Lite Soft Phone, along with the RingPlan Softphone.

Next up...
Provision your Yealink Desktop/Cordless Phone:
Provision your Bria Solo/Teams Soft Phone:
Provision your Zoiper Soft Phone:
Provision your LinPhone Soft Phone:
Provision your Grandstream Soft Phone:
Provision your Cisco Phone:

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