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06 Manually provision a Polycom phone
Last Updated 23 days ago

To Manually Provision IP phone:

  • Press the Home button on your phone.
  • Use the rocker keys to navigate to Settings.  Press the center button to select it.
  • Navigate down the menu and choose Status
  • Press (2) for Network Status.
  • Press (1) TCP/IP Parameters.
  • Take note of the IPv4 Address displayed on the screen.  Write it down.
  • In a web browser of a computer on the same network as the phone, type https:// and then the IP address from the step above.  (Examplehttps://
  • Enter the Password either 456, or 789
  • Settings -> Provisioning Server
  • Enter into the Server Address / Server User / Server Password information.  Refer to Prerequisites for setting up a Polycom Phone to obtain that information in your View Config screen.

Click Save button.
The phone will likely reboot upon save.

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